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Flagstaff Restaurant Picks: There are no franchised chains on this list, just good local food!


1. Josephine's Modern American Bistro

Located in an old stone cottage at the top of the hill on Humphreys, Josephine's is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic meal or to catch up with friends. The tortilla-encrusted halibut is one of the famous dishes here along with many others. In the summer months take a seat on the patio and enjoy a glass of wine while gazing upon the stars of our dark sky city.


    503 N Humphreys Street




2. Beaver Street Brewery & the Whistle Stop Café

Not only do we love the beer here after a hard day of selling real estate, but our clients love it too! This place is great because the wood fired stove creates the perfect atmosphere of a mountain town, complimented by the fantastic food and service here. We recommend checking out the wood fired pizza (the BBQ pizza really makes my mouth water), the home made pretzels and the Brewers Platter are just a few of our favorites to talk real estate over.


    11 South Beaver Street




3. Hiro's Sushi Bar & Japanese Restaurant

Dragon Roll anyone? This place is great. Not only can you eat here, but you can also do a little shopping while you are waiting for a table or a spot at the sushi bar. The reason this place is so wonderful is because the sushi & sake rock and its a sure thing you'll have the best time here. But beware, they will try to get you out of there early by putting up chairs, making your dining experience a bit uncomfortable at the end of the evening. So, to maximize the ultimate dining experience get there early!


    1312 S Plaza Way




4. New Jersey Pizza Company

Our associate Darcy recommends doing what your mother always told you not to do, start with dessert first. New Jersey's homemade gelato, Italian ice cream, and it is made with only the finest ingredients, and it will leave your mouth watering where you need it most. The pizza here is truly superb with the best list of pizza toppings one could ask for. This place has it all, even wheat free/ dairy free pizza for those of us who are on a diet and don't want to be.


    2224 E Cedar Avenue




5. Karma Sushi Bar & Grill

More Sushi anyone. We like their Japanese Style Lunchbox, it is fresh and gives you the variety you are looking for. For those of you looking for a more traditional american cuisine their grill menu will get the job done. Enjoy!


    6 E Rt66 (Santa Fe Ave)




6. Martanne's Burrito Palace

Locals love it. Tourists stumble upon it and it is our favorite place for a Mexican breakfast. Huevos rancheros, red and green chilequiles, tacos, burritos and more are the perfect cure after a night of hanging out with your friends. This spicy haven is truly a hole in the wall, but offers the most delicious mexican breakfast you can imagine.


    112 E Rt66 (Santa Fe Ave)




7. La Bellavia

La Bellavia is a cozy little restaurant located south of the tracks on Beaver Street. Warm aromas will greet you during breakfast hours as patrons are served pastries, fruit topped pancakes, and a wide range of egg dishes that may be escorted by spinach, crab, asparagus and trout. There are plenty of coffee's to choose from and if you can't decide on a dish, we recommend the eggs benedict, it's the best around.


    18 S Beaver Street




8. Brandy's Restaurant


Ed and Brandy started out with La Bellavia in 1976, about 20 years ago the moved over to the east side of Flagstaff and opened Brandy's they moved their beer and liscense too. After a few years they sold La Bellavia, so they could concentrate on one location.  Brandy's is larger, and has a slightly more diverse menu including beer and wine to go with your lunch.


    1500 E. Cedar Ave. Ste. 40




9. Mamma Luisa Italian Restaurant

Mamma Luisa's comes highly recommended by Flag locals. The food is famous because it is always fantastic and so is the service. The cost is very reasonable for fine dining and the atmosphere and the food hold true to Italy. This restaurant gives the east side a slice of Italian heaven.


    2710 N Steves Blvd




10. Macy's European Coffee House, Bakery & Vegetarian Restaurant

Tim Macy opened this place before espresso drinks were popular in the US. This is the first restaurant in Arizona to roast its own coffee beans. Macy's is so great that every morning of every day Flag locals, crazy Realtors and lucky tourists fight the traffic heading south on Beaver Street just to get their morning java. Once in the door your jaw will drop when you make it to the front of the pastry case, and it begins to scream your name! Homemade danishes, scones, bagels, muffins and other unique Macy's creations make this coffee house great. And for those Vegetarian's out there, you are in luck, Macy's whole menu is in your favor, and honestly speaking, it is all good.


    14 S Beaver Street




11. Cafe Daily Fare

A wonderful lunch awaits you. Nancy has been cooking, baking, and catering in Flagstaff for more than 25 years. A little bit hard to find, but worth it. Located east of downtown at 408 E. Route 66, behind the Babbitt pre owned vehicles building, not directly on Route 66. Driveway is 1/2 block east of Elden Street. Or try Simply Delicious Catering for your catering needs.


    408 E. Route 66




12. Tacos Los Altos

This is an authentic Mexican Taco Shop. It is always filled for lunch hour. I recommend the ceviche, but it is all so good.


    3650 E Route 66




13. Tinderbox Kitchen / Annex / Tourist Home

Check them all out, I prefer the Tourist Home, but the other two are very good too.

 The Tourist Home Urban Market (THUM) is part restaurant, part gourmet market and part local hub and the Tinderbox Kitchen’s answer to breakfast, lunch and to-go specialty items. Opening daily at 6:00 a.m. stop in for a cup of coffee, breakfast burrito, newspaper, house made pastries and conversation. Lunch is an offering of specialty sandwiches, soups and salads prepared on site or packaged to-go. After your meal shop for gourmet market items or pick up dinner to pop in your oven after work or school..


    34-52 S San Francisco St

    928-226-8400, Tinderbox and Annex

    928-779-2811, Tourist Home



14. Pato Thai

Located in the Hotel Monte Vista (John Wayne, and others, slept there), Pato Thai has a nice Thai menu, another of our favorites.


    104 N San Francisco St.


Flagstaff Restaurant Picks: There are no franchised chains on this list, just good local food!
Flagstaff Restaurant Picks: There are no franchised chains on this list, just good local food!