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Flagstaff, Arizona 86001

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About Linton Real Estate:


We live in a land of vast and endless beauty, home of many cultures.


With energy and enthusiasm we commit:

To promote the highest degree of honesty, integrity and fairness in the real estate arena.


To be members of the National Association of Realtors and to adhere to the Realtor’s Code of Ethics.


To uphold all Equal Housing Opportunity Laws.


To provide superior service by consistently improving our knowledge and skill through Education.


To enhance our services to the client through the use of Technology and by developing new and Innovative Marketing Strategies.


We, the members of the Linton Real Estate team, declare our strong support for one another as individuals and as part of the Team.


We are committed to on going Community Involvement and working towards the Preservation of our Special Environment.


Linton Real Estate is a family owned and operated real estate company. We are NOT a franchise or chain.


Each real estate transaction is unique and individual just like you.


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